Events and Workshops

Workshops are in-person explorations of movement, nutrition, yoga, breathing, and general health. These opportunities come up throughout the year and are great ways to truly experience applied knowledge. Generally 3 hours in length and many include hand outs or props to take home with you. Many of the webinar topics are also offered as workshops.
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Online Offering: Webinar – Turn Down the HEAT! Stress, Hormones, and the Vagus Nerve
This recording of a live webinar provides an overview of how our bodies process stress and how un..
Online Offering: Webinar – Remapping Ourselves: Do You Dosha?
An overview of the basic tenets of Ayurveda, looking at the primary elements, states of being, an..
Online Offering: Webinar – Pelvic Mobility and Health
A complete playlist including 2 different webinars and 5 short exercise videos on pelvic health, ..