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Group classes

Introduction / Foundations

Learn basic Hatha Yoga and how to utilize props. Find alignment and ease as you explore the introductory poses and basic concepts of yoga.

Deeper Dive

Expand your practice by exploring more in-depth poses, including supported inversions such as shoulder stand. A variety of props are used to encourage physical alignment and maximize body-mind integration.


A creative sequence of yoga poses that integrates movement and breath into a flowing practice. Physical endurance is required along with knowledge of yoga poses. This is a moderate intensity class.


A systematic progression of yoga vinyasa that integrates breathing exercises with energy guides and core stabilizers to expand your practice. This is a moderate to vigorous intensity class.


This class focuses on deep relaxation and revitalization of the body, mind and spirit. Utilizing props, poses will be held for a longer duration as the body is nourished and supported, allowing for complete relaxation and tension release. Breathing techniques (pranayama) and some guided meditation are included to enhance your personal practice. Aromatherapy and gentle massage will be used to complete the relaxing atmosphere.


Incorporates the use of a chair as an optional aid to provide support. This class does not include floor work. Great for beginners, anyone that has physical limitations or compromised balance, and women in advanced pregnancy.*


A slow progression of relaxation, stretching, and basice poses which enhance the body-mind-spirit interconnection. Perfect for all abilities, also ideal as a prenatal* practice or as a first step in an integrative yoga practice.


There are many benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy, including increased body awareness, strength, and spinal alignment throughout the changes that your body experiences during this incredible stage of life. Also, breathwork and stretching aid in relaxation and may improve the quality of sleep and ease in delivery.*

*With doctor's approval.

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Individual options

Integrative Alignment, Movement, and Gait Analysis

This appointment will be approximately 2 hours including an interview and consultation. Depending on your desired outcome and current movement and tension patterns, you will be given some basic restorative exercises and learn about nourishing movement habits for daily life. A written report and a brief follow up appointment are included in the consultation pricing.

The purpose of this consult is to increase awareness of stance, breath, and movement habits that may undermine health, to empower you to make better choices, and to give you the tools to change so you can enjoy meaningful activities and a healthy, radiant and vital life.

Your personalized session will include the initial analysis, a written report, and a 30 minute follow up meeting.

Then Continue Learning Through Private or Group Sessions

ReX Method™ workshops, group yoga classes, or 1-hour personalized sessions are available to continue to nourish, heal and create a path to better health.

Schedule private packages according to availability. Contact Sandy (see bio) to arrange your appointments:
Phone: 616-935-7028

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