Immersion Studies

“The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper and deeper truths."

Immersion study opportunities are offered throughout the year on a variety of topics, delivered as webinars, workshops, social events, multi-week programs, and retreats.

Sadhaka Enrichment Program (Yoga Teacher Mentoring) A mentoring option is available for those wishing to expand their teacher training. Contact Sandy for more information.

Webinars are recorded talks approximately 1.5 hours with some supplemental exercises. Current listings include:
• Fascinating Fascia
• Gait Essentials
• Pelvic Health
• Stress, Hormones, and the Vagus Nerve
• Embodied Breath
• Do You Dosha (and overview of Ayurvedic principles)

Workshops are in-person explorations of movement, nutrition, yoga, breathing, and general health.
These opportunities come up throughout the year and are great ways to truly experience applied knowledge. Generally 3 hours in length and many include hand outs or props to take home with you. Many of the webinar topics are also offered as workshops.

Social Circles are monthly meetings for discussion, reflection, or just fun. These are either continuous or spontaneous, depending on the wishes of the group. Here are a few of our circles:
• Women’s Wisdom-a sacred circle format for personal growth and reflection
• Meditation-open hours in our meditation room with some guidance if desired
• Crones and Cocktails-a social time for women living in their best years
• Hot Topics-a discussion around current events in health news

Multi-week Programs are ways to truly explore, shift, and redirect your life experiences.
Weekly meetings are offered either in person or virtually, video support is included with a review of the week’s slides and supplemental material, homework assignments encourage continuous learning throughout the course, and celebrations of completion mark the new path participants have created. These are the heart of our immersion studies! Explore these topics and discover deeper and deeper truths:

Foundations of Hatha Yoga A 12-week course both recorded (always available) and offered live at scheduled times throughout the year. Each week is a simple yoga practice of about one hour. This program introduces the basic postures of Hatha Yoga, explains the energetics of how to use the pose to benefit your particular physical needs, and takes a brief look into the eight limbs of yoga philosophy based on the writings of Patanjali.
Path To Transformation This course explores the fundamental elements of life and how to balance our health to be more in line with natural forces. Ayurvedic principles, lifestyle ecology, movement, and nutrition are the main topics which are explored and applied to everyday life. A 12-week immersion with weekly meetings, yoga practice, and journaling as a part of the curriculum.
The Wisdom Goddesses of Tantric Yoga Also known as the Mahavidyas in Sanskrit, this course explores the deeper philosophy of yoga through the first three embodiments of wisdom and experience: Kali, Tara, and Tripura Sundari. We spend four weeks on each Goddess, with a total of 12 weeks of weekly meetings and homework including creating mandalas, meditation, and mantra.
The Wisdom Goddess Retreat A four day opportunity to explore the remaining Mahavidyas, be in the natural world, practice dinacharya (Ayurvedic daily living principles), and of course, have fun in a circle of feminine power and support.
Pre-requisite: the Wisdom Goddess course on Kali, Tara, and Tripura Sundari


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